Complete sales representation in the local market
Customer services in full range of export and import
Focused marketing support
Complete airline cargo capacity management
Permanent track & trace updates
Claim/complaints solving and coordination
Dedicated airline staff services
Operational flight preparation
Dispatch of all special commodities including DGR
ULD management
Airline accounting
Interline hub services and transfer coordination
Road feeder Services
DDS – Door delivery service for Airlines

ChartersCargo charters

All-in world wide special freighter charters based on customer´s request
Oversized shipments
Slot coordination  and flight permits management
Charter/Ramp handling supervision
License solving services

HandlingHandling coordination:

Negotiation of handling agreement on behalf of airlines
Possibility to operate under GC Air handling agreements
Handling supervising
Coordination of handling in origin, transit hub, destination
Regular operational briefings

InterlineInterline services:

Development and maintenance of Interline hub – easy transfer from carrier to carrier
Coordination and supervising of interline shipments throughout carriers on route
Interline Track&Trace including world wide Proof of Delivery
Special prorate agreements retention, bilateral agreements negotiation

ConsulitingConsulting and training services:

Tailor made consulting and project activities in air cargo, freight forwarding and logistics
Provision and coordination of training programs in cargo transportation and logistics field