GC Air Ltd. is the young and dynamic company in Air Cargo GSSA services representing airlines in their local sales as well as their specialized operational and service activities. Founders of our company are reputable experts with long term international experiences from both cargo airlines and freight forwarding industries. The company was built in Czech Republic knowing the gaps and reserves in some aspects of service in the local market and built its philosophy and activities on the focus to improve and develop this type of services to maximum customers’ satisfaction.

These are the following core pillars we build our philosophy on:

We really represent airlines.

The most important point for every airline is to ensure sales and promotion of its unique brand in every market.  The brand is composed of company culture, quality standards, own special features leading to individual product portfolio.

Being former managers at several well respected cargo airlines we personally attended in creation, development and retention of such brand. We have been cooperating with many GSSAs world wide, therefore we know airliners view on what the ideal GSSA should be and how it performs to be the most dignified and reliable commercial representative and prolonged service hand of air carrier in the local markets.

We know how to serve freight forwarding customers.

Part of our team comes with long term experiences from freight forwarding and logistics. Therefore we are very much aware of what is freight forwarder´s opinion of GSSAs or Airline representatives and their weaknesses. We build our service on knowledge of what such air carrier’s representative should do for customer to fully satisfy him and prevent any hesitations. We are able to reach very tight contact with freight forwarding customer and together to prepare flexible solutions for any type of shipper or consignee.

We create our own – tailor made solutions.

The right combination of carriers´ portfolio without conflict of interests as well as rigorous knowledge of their individual specifics and features can enable us to bring always positive and flexible solution that no individual airline provides in full range. None of the carriers have ambition to operate all world wide destinations in sufficient capacity and none of freight forwarders does want to spend precious time on cooking up the multiplied problematic routings of transport.

We are the experts that can devise the most optimum solution by combination of carriers – either regular, charter or non asset ones, our own transport service always with precise coverage of all risky points of route, including tracking and proof of delivery.